Sunninghill Recovery Lodge provides a unique approach to recovery that is truly holistic and patient-centred.

Our new concept in offering sub-acute and step-down services was born out of our legacy of genuine, holistic care for our guests, ensuring that their physical and emotional needs are met while finding a balance of support, privacy, luxury and comfort, which results in quicker recovery times and enhanced wellbeing for our patients and their loved ones.

Our team of trained carers are available 24 /7, ready to assist with day-to-day needs, while never losing sight of our guests’ dignity and need for a comfortable and supportive environment. 

Our ideal location opposite Netcare Sunninghill hospital, and a short distance from Sunninghill Medical Centre, as well as the relationship we have fostered with a dynamic group of physicians, therapists, and support services, allows us to create a comfortable, home-like environment for recovery, while  co-ordinating world class medical care with our medical network.

We offer a space where people are treated as guests first and then as patients.

We offer serene gardens, empathetic staff, and a restful, beautiful environment that creates physical, mental and emotional spaces for our guests to recover as quickly and fully as possible.

Our facility remains a lodge and although we adhere to the highest health standards and procedures, our environment and approach are never clinical.

We are constantly pushing the envelope further and further when it comes to refining hospitality service excellence. Our guests have come to expect nothing but the best service quality from us. We offer excellent care to our guests regardless of whether they stay with us post-surgery, need palliative care, are recovering from an incident, respite care, or are undergoing medical treatment. We pay attention to details, serve regular and nutrient-dense meals, and know the importance of a quiet and restful environment. We do our utmost to ensure that you have a stress-free stay and focus entirely on your health and recuperation.

We understand the trauma of facing a physical ailment or prolonged medical condition and we know that loved-ones of patients are also often overwhelmed.

We have carefully chosen our empathetic staff members and have empowered them with the appropriate training not just to provide physical assistance, but in dealing with the emotional impact that disease and trauma have on our guests.

We adapt to suit our guests’ physical and emotional needs, tailoring the care, meals, and therapies to their exact specifications. 

Our setting is ideal for recuperation, with us, you will be able to unwind in a safe and tranquil environment, relaxed in the knowledge that medical help is nearby whilst enjoying the holiday or home-away-from-home ambiance. 

In addition, we offer a space where spouses and family members can stay over to visit and provide support. Our serene environment is ideally suited to the patients’ recovery and their loved-ones’ peace of mind.

While hospitals and sub-acute facilities provide medical care, patients often feel that they lack dignity during their stays there. We create a space where dignity, comfort and getting the most out of each day are our top priority for our guests. We go the extra mile – whether it be talking to our patients about their difficulties, pouring them a glass of celebratory champagne when they receive good test results, or caring for their physical needs in a way that empowers them and protects their dignity. 

 We provide the option of a non-clinical, home-like setting for real recovery, without the complications of added stress and strain on loved ones, or security and privacy concerns about having a carer in your home. We want our guests to be able to focus only on their recovery and so, we take care of all the details and logistics during their stay.

Recovery is a journey. Let us take it with you and make it as comfortable, dignified and stress-free as possible