Trauma Care

What is Trauma Care?

Trauma care is care provided to those who sustained severe injuries in aggressive or accidental incidents. Trauma care includes stabilising patients, preventing further damage, and allowing for the healing process to take place. This integrated approach involves a team of emergency specialists, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals.

At Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, our care begins after your discharge from the hospital, and we believe that the focus should be placed on organised measures to improve recovery and reduce permanent damage.

What does trauma care involve?

At Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, our skilled team has experience in Trauma care, including:
• Recovery from vehicle accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, bike accidents, cycling accidents, and general pedestrian accidents.
• Recovery from burns or traumatic injuries, including natural or man-made disasters.
• Recovery from violence due to domestic violence, crime, combat, or war zones.
• Recovery from surgery, which may be traumatic to one’s body due to complications of illness.
• Recovery from extreme sports injuries or accidental falls, resulting in loss of mobility.
• Our dedicated team works alongside professional medical practitioners who provide physiotherapy, occupational, and emotional therapy to our guests.
• Provision of immediate assistance to individuals needing recovery after being medically evacuated.
• Assistance with everyday activities, such as medicine management, pain relief management, and much more.



Our approach

At Sunninghill Recovery Lodge, we develop a carefully crafted, individual recovery plan for each guest. Our team ensures that you are met with exceptional care, creating a space where people can come and heal physically and emotionally from the trauma they have been forced to endure.

Our objective is to get to know you so that we can ensure we understand your unique needs and wishes and walk your road to recovery with you from start to finish. You will come to us straight after you’re discharged from the hospital, and we will help get you get settled into your room and take time to learn about your requirements to ensure that you are able to remain in control and feel at ease with your recovery process.

We ensure that patients feel loved and supported as many of these patients are far from home because they are from other countries. We connect them to a variety of therapists, translators, and specialist carers.

Once you are settled in, our experienced team will ensure your vitals are taken, treatments are scheduled, and ablution requirements are met. Most importantly, we will ensure you are treated with kindness, dignity, and compassion. We understand that real recovery is not just a physical process, and so we do our utmost to ensure that your emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs are also met. We also offer physiotherapy and wound care.

When it comes to nutrition, we ensure that fluids are consumed and that our excellent meals inspire you to stay energised. We cater to your dietary requirements. Every guest always has a call button on hand to ensure that we can attend to your needs 24/7. Our main goal is to eliminate anxiousness, ensuring you never feel alone or vulnerable.

We have seen first-hand that recovery is dramatically improved when guests feel safe, loved, and in control. We have no restrictive visiting hours or schedules, so you have the freedom to decide what you need and how you want your recovery to happen.

Our approach makes use of three simple steps:

1. Create a non-clinical, beautiful, and safe environment that feels like home but is staffed with carers attending to your needs 24/7 who also take detailed records.

2. To combine outdoor views, delicious, nutrient-dense meals, and private en-suite rooms to enhance a speedy recovery while guests heal both physically and emotionally.

3. To give control back to the guest by empowering them to make their own decisions while we communicate regularly and thoroughly with loved ones.