At Sunninghill Recovery Lodge we specialise in caring for people with an array of recovery or care needs including: 


  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Chemo care
  • Cardiac recovery
  • Trauma care
  • Out-patient care


  • Neuro care
  • Palliative care
  • Respite care
  • Frail care
  • End of life care

Overview of our services

Our goal is to create a unique, holistic approach to recovery and wellness, ensuring our guests receive excellent health care, while never losing sight of their need for privacy, comfort and their unique emotional needs in the recovery process. 

Medical Support Network

We form part of a unique medical support network to help anyone recovering or facing a critical illness navigate the complex array of decisions and treatment plans they need to consider. Let us take the guesswork out of already difficult circumstances and take care of you when you need care most.

End of life care

It is our privilege to care for people at the end of their lives, providing assistance with daily tasks, comfort, symptom and pain management, as much connection with their family and community as they wish, and physical, as well as emotional support. We strive to help all our guests make the most of every precious moment in the last chapter of their story.

Palliative care

We offer palliative care that focuses on pain and symptom management and giving our guests the best possible quality of life while they manage their chronic or long-term conditions. We ensure that our guests, and their families, are loved and supported and that they are able to make the most of each day in a beautiful, non-clincal environment in which we can manage their care instinctively and uniquely.

Step down / frail care

Our “step down” or frail care is a giant step up from the usual step down experience. Our non-clinical, warm, loving environment is the perfect place for someone who needs care, assistance with daily living, or recovery.

Post-surgical recovery

Carefully managed post-surgical recovery is critical for the success of the procedure, whether it be relatively minor, or major spinal or joint-replacement surgery. We take the guess-work out of the recovery process for you and ensure that your medical needs are carefully managed, your progress is meticulously monitored and you are able to enjoy our home-away-from-home, luxurious atmosphere while you recuperate.

Respite care

We offer short-term respite care for those who have a loved one who needs interim care while they are away on a holiday or business trip, or simply to allow them a breather to rest, restore and focus on their own self-care. Respite care can also be a powerful tool for those with chronic illnesses who need some time to be cared for and looked after so that they can redesign their care-plan, or just rest and restore.

Care from afar

We offer the ideal solution for famlilies who are far away to provide short or long-term care for their loved ones as they recover from an illness, or are no longer able to care for themselves or live on their own. We are nothing like an average old-age home, but pride ourselves on really connecting with and loving our guests and creating a beautiful, nurturing environment for them. Our amazing team cares for our guests everyday needs, and we monitor medications and medical conditions closely. We also pride ourselves on giving the families of our guests regular updates and input into their loved ones day to day experience so that the whole family is cared for.

Post-aesthetic procedure recovery

Bariatric, plastic and aesthetic surgeries all need carefully managed recovery plans. Allow us to assist you in your recovery – on your own terms – as you enjoy our luxurious, discreet and non-clinical environment, while we carefully attend to your medical needs and monitor your progress. We provide a bespoke recovery experience that is individually tailored to the needs of every patient.