I spoke to a very clever PR woman recently. She told me I must put lots of testimonies on our blog. She said it will make people relate to us, trust us and understand what we do. But another wise woman, my mother, said that this is bragging. Boasting is a sin. So, after a lot of thinking, I realised today I am not scared of my mother as she is recovering from COVID and at my mercy. I am therefore putting this review on our blog (Sorry Ma).

The Bropton-Mensah- family put their experience in words, after they did not only stay at the Sunninghill Recovery lodge, but also in two of our furnished apartments and at our Sunninghill Guest Lodge. Altogether they were with us for 112 days.

At the time this was written, they were all under the impression that they were returning home. Unfortunately, when their pre-flight COVID tests were received, one member tested positive and had to remain behind. He got very ill, but his family had to return home without him. We looked after him while he isolated and got stronger. I am pleased to say that he managed to return home to Accra this weekend. 



Sunninghill Guest Lodge, the Sandton Furnished Accommodation and Sunninghill Recovery Lodge


Having to travel with an entire family; with children and an adult due for a bilateral knee replacement surgery, gives you a lot to consider and few options when thinking of accommodation. Settling  on the Sunninghill Guest Lodge and the Sandton Furnished Accommodation for the family, and the Sunninghill Recovery Lodge for our sister who required surgery, after numerous searches, was the best decision the family could make.

The Sunninghill Guest Lodge facility provides the best of security and privacy with all the greens to keep in touch with nature. It is a beautiful and clean environment. Room service was brilliant and cleaning was always well done and punctually, with friendly and heartwarming smiles from staff. Response to any question was only just a phone call away.

They always ensured strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols, with all staff always in masks and well positioned hand sanitizers at every corner.

We also stayed at the Sandton Furnished Accommodation. This self-catering 2-bedroom facility, in a secured gated community, gave us a feeling of home away from home. The children could run around in our immediate garden and the whole family took strolls in the morning before it got awfully cold from late May. All soft furnishing was modern and the full kitchen facility enabled us to cook and enjoy homemade meals. We had three wonderful, albeit quiet birthday celebrations during the period of our stay, and the oven came in very handy as we baked our own cakes each time thanks to the full set of baking accessories.

Ann-Margaret and her team really went out of their way to make us very comfortable with everything from babysitting, recommendations on where to find what product or service we needed, extra heating and linens, great breakfast meals and even gifts for the kids during Easter.

She visited and checked on us constantly by phone as we had a pregnant member in the family, and was always responsive even late in the night. Despite a week or so of no internet, and Eskom’s dance with the supply of electricity for a short period, we had a marvelous time during our 92-day stay between the Sunninghill Guest Lodge facility and 65 Antigo at the Sandton Furnished Accommodation. I will highly recommend this facility to anyone; from the individual business traveler to a whole family on vacation to this part of the world.

Put together by Esi, Kojo and Emma.


The Sunninghill Recovery Lodge provided the post-surgery support I needed. The environment is clean, with beautiful gardens and the grounds have very limited stairs to aid the free movement of the physically challenged. The well-trained staff were warm and supportive, and very prompt in answering the bell 24/7, especially at night. I was in extreme pain when I arrived and remember Ann-Margaret herself assisting to carry me onto the wheel chair and moving me to my bed. Bless you Ann-Margaret.

The staff did routine checks on me, gave me my medications on time, helped with personal grooming and bathing in my first few days and even helped me follow the prescribed exercises mandated by the visiting physiotherapis,t including assisting with the operation and mounting of a Passive Continuous Movement (CPM) machine. Thank you Olida and Noreen. Ann-Margaret provided a monkey-grab to help with movement on the bed and visited me almost every day apart from a week she was away during my 28-day stay. The bathrooms were well equipped with various orthopedic accessories and to top up I was given two removable accessories; the bathroom chair and the toilet seat booster to take along when I joined the family at 65 Antigo at the Sandton Furnished Accommodation, where I stayed before our departure.

Meals were balanced and well prepared. I stayed 28 memorable days. Thank you Ann-Margaret, and Sunninghill Recovery Lodge for being a crucial part of my recovery. You are etched in my heart.  

Love Emma