New year’s resolutions… the things we decide we should do but know we realistically probably won’t do and then feel guilty about not doing.


A resolution is not a bad thing, but I have found that daily resolutions are perhaps more helpful than annual ones. In our business, in the beautiful and painful battle of recovery, we know the power of aspiration and a big vision for the future, but also the power of small daily goals. Sometimes in recovery and illness there are setbacks and unexpected complications. Physio is hard, medical recovery is often slow and frustrating, but small, achievable goals are critical to help our guests move forward and move towards their new future.


Our goals are often as simple as to go  from a wheelchair to a walker, then  learning  to walk with  two crutches and eventually being  “promoted”  to one crutch. Later on it is a celebration when the guest mobilizes with the help of only  a walking stick and eventually they walk unaided. Getting there requires daily, almost hourly, resolutions.


Sometimes our guests’ resolution for the day is to drink one bottle of water. We break it down by serving them a “shot glass” of water every half hour. That is much easier than having a big old bottle stare at you, making you feel guilty and anxious and overwhelmed.


Guests with depression often can not even contemplate being in a healthier mental state. On some days one smile is all they can manage. That in itself is a huge achievement. Other days they do not reach their goals, but then it is just a day they “failed” not an entire year. Tomorrow they try again.


Our environment is carefully designed to give our guests as much control as possible and to set goals in consultation with their medical team, that will bring about the best outcome for them.


This year, instead of setting myself up for discouragement I think I will try the daily resolution approach. After all, we are all on the journey of recovery in one way or another. 


Happy 2022 from the Sunninghill Recovery Lodge Team.